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Accra, Ghana​


cultural immersion Volunteer program

The program is designed to nurture two parts of a whole while connecting the diaspora and aiding in your sankofa experience by reaching back to move forward. This is done through cross-cultural exchange.

This is not your typical volunteer experience, by the end of your time (one month minimum) in Ghana you will be experiencing Ghana like a ghanaian, you will live eat, travel and socialize in accra like a Ghanaian local.

The purpose of this program is for volunteers and our Ghanaian community to work together to learn about one another without superiority/ saviour complexities. 

Coming for research or a particular purpose? You will be paired with a local project/experts that are alined with your particular skills and interest to aid in beneficial experience.

Projects are geared towards impactful volunteer experiences for both the exchanges and the communities. These experiences will also foster cultural sensitivity and promote global responsibility.

Past projects & areas of interest:

  • Psychology and Herbal medicine research

  • Changing The African Narrative (Social Media Marketing Volunteer)

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Language (studying Ghanaian dialects)

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